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Cornwall Sash Windows

Cornwall Sash WindowsSash windows are becoming ever more popular because they are charming and full of character. There is no wonder why you see more and more Cornwall sash windows featured in our local area.

Sash windows date back a long time, they seem to have been around forever and various countries have laid claim to thier design. Towards the end of the 17th century, Sash windows were clearly apparent in the United Kingdom. Today they still remain a popular choice.

Sash Windows is a style of window that is basically made of panes of glass set into a sliding sash which can either move up or down or side to side. Crystal Clear SW have an extensive range of colours, glass and frames for you to choose from so get in touch for a free quote.


What are the advantages of sash windows?

  • Kerb Appeal - There is no denying that Sash Windows are a beautiful addition to any home. They will add a luxury touch to the exterior of your house as well as adding value.
  • Wet Weather –  They can be closed narrowly leaving a gap for ventilation yet reducing the risk of drizzle and rain entering. This is one of the most unique features of the Sash Window.
  • Longevity –  Because Sash Windows are encased sashes, they are less susceptible to wear, distortion and rot.The design of the window really allows the frame to remain in good shape for many years.
  • Safety -  Sash Window corners do not protrude if they are  open. This reduces the risk of injury.